Unisex Jewellery by Annelise Michelson

Unisex Jewelry by Annelise Michelson4

ANDAM Nominee Annelise Michelson Debuts Unisex Jewellery Range.

Feeling like adding some hidden bondage to your daily look? Love to steal stuff from your boyfriend/girlfriend? Annelise Michelson got you covered on that.

I don’t want to make women look pretty and harmless,”says Annelise Michelson. “Women are sexy, desirable, and complex. I want to give them weapons.”  And that is exactly what she does with her bold and sculptural jewellery.

Her debut Unisex Jewellery presents an good range of rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings, all designed to be worn by both men and women.

“The pieces are, when seen by themselves, very neutral, and one could even say genderless, yet when worn, they look very sexy on a girl—and as well on a man.”

It looks like the designer was inspired by industrial materials like chains and wires, presented in silver and gold, these pieces wind sensually around the wearers body. According to Michelson she also wanted to create a playful associations of bondage knots that twist into seamingly infinite loops.

Check out the entire collection bellow.