‘Anamorphose’ Jewellery collection by Maison Margiela

“Anamorphosis is a distorted projection or perspective requiring the viewer to use special devices or occupy a specific vantage point to reconstitute the image.”

To truly see the whole picture you have to know where to be at the right moment.

‘Anamorphose’, the Maison’s latest collection of fine jewellery, inspired by the spontaneous beauty of ephemeral movement.

Anamorphic in its reversible deformation, change of perspective, where the jeweller becomes the final image. An impromptu swaying through time and space, almost imperceptible, subtly transforming a typical object, an elastic band, into a piece of fine jewellery. Anamorphosis takes place in this unique moment, a time between an object’s natural state and when it is frozen in time.

A flexible, infinite circle, bent to adapt to our scale. An anthropomorphic gesture. A random movement quickly becoming stable and a jewel that comes to be defined, understood, engraved in us like a footprint.

Sketched by hand, a moving body, giving meaning. The transformation changes a chance into a story.

The poetic minimalistic collection includes gold, diamond and ruby pieces that represent anamorphosis through rings, bracelets, necklaces and ear rings that make sense once they touch their owners body.

You can see the collection bellow.

Golden Pieces

Maison Margiena_Anamorphose Jewellery_gold

Maison Margiena_Anamorphose Jewellery_gold ring Maison Margiena_Anamorphose Jewellery_gold bracelet Maison Margiena_Anamorphose Jewellery_gold necklace Maison Margiena_Anamorphose Jewellery_gold ear rings

Diamond Pieces

Maison Margiena_Anamorphose Jewellery_diamond Maison Margiena_Anamorphose Jewellery_diamond ring 3 Maison Margiena_Anamorphose Jewellery_diamond ring 2 Maison Margiena_Anamorphose Jewellery_diamond ring

Ruby Pieces

Maison Margiena_Anamorphose Jewellery_ruby Maison Margiena_Anamorphose Jewellery_ruby ring

These pieces of jewellery truly represent unique moments frozen in time.