“The New Notebook Syndrome” – or how “Creativity” is overrated.

I want to start a new chapter in my blogging practice with a piece of writing that has been forming in my head for a while now. I believe it can describe the state that many creatives (me included) go through, at different moments of their lives:


I will call it “The New Notebook Syndrome”.

To understand this analogy, imagine a cool, beautifully designed, brand new notebook.



Which you purchase in order to write down your great ideas. And oh boy, you have loads of them. But months later, it is still crispy clean and empty. Full of unused potential.


And you continue on keeping it clean.


Because no idea seems good enough to write it down.

All of those things that come to your mind seem shallow and immature the moment you take a pen and plan to write it down. And the time passes, and the promising ideas get forgotten, and you wait for the new ones to come, just to forget them all over again.



In my case this “syndrome” is caused by an “A” Student Complex. Brought by the system that raises you in the belief that nomistake should be made in the process.


As a child, I was very excited about studying. Funnily enough it wasarithmetic operations and writing short stories that was a big part of my spare hours entertainment as a 6 years old.

I couldn’t be more excited of going to school.

But as soon as it started, my teachers and the system have paid less attention to my eagerness and more attention to the fact that I was a very messy writer.

I could understand the grammar or see the way that maths worked, but I was surely going to make a mess while working on it. And so, according to the post-soviet system I happened to grow up and study in, my grades where never good, because of the mistakes I used to do while working.


I remember watching cartoons, and seeing that the kids in the U.S usedpencils instead of pens while studying and it was something that made me extremely jealous. The ability to erase the mistakes that came during the process, so that no mess overshadows the correct results. And that is the mistake of the system that raises people like me. Scared to start, believing that they will mess up along the way.


This human pattern is not only common among the creatives, it is universal. But instead of “The New Notebook Syndrome”, it is “New Year Resolution Syndrome ” or “I Will Start Next Monday Syndrome ” or simply “Not Today” that is a major problem that affects the population of the whole world.

We stop ourselves before we even begin, because of the ultimate fear of messing up, and if we mess up, than “what’s the point in doing it?”

The “If you do something, do it right” might have had all the best intentions, but it might have been wildly misinterpreted along the way.


And for me, today is the day that I will break my pattern, and do all thosethings that I was putting away for far too long.


– Posting this post, in order to continue practicing my writing and analytical skills.

– Finally starting to use a “Not So New, but Empty Notebook”.

– Using this casual Wednesday to start sports routine, (instead of pretending that another day of the week, such as Monday, is more appropriate to start anything at all.)


And I will start this challenge for myself and do this for the 21 days ( or 22, or 20, or whatever it takes) and if one of these days I mess up, and I don’t deliver on my promises, I will just continue were I left it the next day, and the day after and so on, until it just becomes an unquestionable routine.


Older Role Model Trend

Late 2014 and 2015 so far has shown us a huge shift in the image of a role model.

“A role model is a person whose behavior, example, or success is or can be emulated by others, especially by younger people.” 

role model tv

People have gotten tired of conventional and often unnattainable beauty, of the chase for the perfect body and the eternal youth.

I remember how just few years ago, my mother was saying that all she sees in magazines and advertising are the young, slim girls promoting everything from yogurts to anti-aging creams. It definetely did not reflect what she, as a 40+ successful woman, wanted to identify with.

Finally these complains were heard, almost a decade later and 10000+ advertising campaigns with young girls after, we can see a shift in who and what can be emulated.

This season we can witness a huge industry trend for older women modelling in luxury ad campaigns.

But why did this happen you might ask?

Obviously the shift is focused on the financial success of the beauty business industry. These women represent the 50+ confident female consumers that know what they want BUT also have money to spend on their beauty and wellbeing. According to KPMG, two-thirds of all retail spending growth in the next 10 years will come from those aged 55 and over. This shows how important it is for brands to support these women in their journey for beauty, success and inner confidence.

The celebration of beauty and elegance of age,  are represented by the new, mature, role models like Daphne Selfe, Iris Apfel, Carmen Dell’Orefice, Linda Rodin, Jessica Lange and more.

the-row-pre-fall-2014-23_172740369497          the_row_006_1366-1366x2048

Linda Rodin for The Row

In 2015 the 93-year-old Iris Apfel has not only rocked few fashion campaigns starring alongside 22-year-old Karlie Kloss for Kate Spade and 18-year-old Tavi Gevinson for Alexis Bittar, but has also become the star of Albert Maysles last documentary “Iris”.


Iris Apfel in “Iris”.                                                  Iris Apfel and Karlie Kloss for Kate Spade

Younger niche brands have also picked up on this trend, like the Berlin based brand UY whose last campaign was built on the idea of timeless, ageless, seasonless garments both for him and her, represented by the goregeous older models.

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 15.04.03 Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 15.04.32


UY Berlin

Rag and Bone has also pleasantly surprised us by replacing the usual runway show for their fall 2015 collection with a short film starring a 67-year-old Russian ballet dancer Mikhail Baryshnikov alongside with the 26-year-old contemporary dancer Lil Buck. According to the Rag & Bone designers David Neville and Marcus Wainwright “runway shows don’t resonate with the regular guy.


In the film industry this trend can be seen in the success of Tilda Swinton, Helen Mirren, Charlotte Rampling, Julianne Moore, Meryl Streep and many more women whose confidence, graceful aging and maturity has proven to be extremely seductive even for the industry where women still lie about their age in order to get the roles.

These are just few examples of this new and exciting trend that I believe is here to stay.

As an afterword I would like to mention that in many Eastern countries aging has never been shameful, on the contrary it gave older people respect as they were perceived as bearers of knowledge and experience. And now for the first time Western culture is finally going the same direction.


i-D Magazine anniversary covers

i-D magazine definetely knows how to celebrate its 35th anniversary in style.

First we were revealed 18 different covers shot by a famous British photographer Alasdair McLellan featuring the established and emerging names in the fashion scene such as Kate Moss, Daria Werbowy and Natalie Westling, doing the signature i-D wink.

“To mark i-D’s 35-year history, we bring you what the magazine does best: a celebration of people, personalities and ideas from across the globe.”

Fans and collectors were tearing apart choosing the covers (I’m sure someone didn’t have to choose, but us mortals with limited budgets and rents to pay had to spend awhile deciding).

After the decisions were done i-D has surprised us once again.


They have asked 11 of the most famous designers to join the party by creating their own special covers. We can see a selfie inspired Alexander Wang cover, Choupette inspired cover by (of course!) Karl Lagerfeld, collage covers by Raf Simons and Riccardo Tisci for Givenchy, lemon face emoji by Phoebe Philo and more! Each version will be available in a limited run at Dover Street Market, colette, 10 Corso Como, SOTO Berlin, Palace and Supreme stores.

i-d-magazine-35th-anniversary-covers-christopher-kane-1260x803 i-d-magazine-35th-anniversary-covers-givenchy-1260x803 i-d-magazine-35th-anniversary-covers-jeremy-scott-moschino-960x611 i-d-magazine-35th-anniversary-covers-karl-lagerfeld-1260x803 i-d-magazine-35th-anniversary-covers-phoebe-philo-1260x803i-d-magazine-35th-anniversary-covers-alexander-wang-balenciaga-1260x803

18 models + 11 designers = 29 collectible items presented by i-D in little over 2 weeks.

I have a feeling we are still missing 6 more surprise covers to get to 35 pieces marking their 35th anniversary. Hope it will be the Art edition.

I guess we will find out soon.

Stay tuned!

Star Designer Collaborations

2PS  A new day and a new star designer collaboration kicks in. Designers collaborate with fast fashion retail brands (h&m everyone! *I have started saving money for Balmain for h&m from the second I heard the news), cosmetics and of course perfumes. I am sure you are already used to hearing about the M.A.C‘s collaborations with pretty much anyone and their latest star collaboration was with the 13-year old American brand Proenza Schouler, a creative duo of Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez, launching Proenza Schouler x M.A.C. I guess the process and the outcome were so exciting that few days ago PS anounced their new beauty collaboration, this time with the beauty giant L’Oreal.

“We are incredibly excited to embark on this new adventure with L’Oréal,” the designers said. “Working on a fragrance has always been a dream of ours, and we could not have imagined that one day we would be given the chance to do so with the world leaders in the field. We look forward to translating our visual aesthetic into the subtle and highly emotional world of scent,”

As the style of Proenza Schoulers collection can be called a creative and emotional collision, I was curious to know how they work and maybe what to expect from their new fragrance. When asked on how their creative process functions Hernandez replied:

 “Last season, Jack and I went to the Seychelles, and it was even before that that Jack was feeling kind of Hawaiian prints and surfy and kind of colorful. And then I was sort of feeling kind of like this proper, neoconservative Jackie O.–y kind of stuff. I knew that that was dorky, but that was why I liked it. But then Jack was still into this whole sort of surfy thing. So we sort of, like, brought those two worlds together. And then we were in Africa, in the Seychelles, and that was kind of an inspiration. But it was those two worlds coming together. If either of us had gone independently in our own direction without having the other side . . .”

Sound like fun! Can’t wait to see or rather smell their creative collision with L’Oreal!

I am the Trend Nomad

Cultural Trend2

First of all, if you are reading this and you are not my parents or a friend – thank you for taking the time to get to this line. If you are – thank you even more.

For the last 6 years I have been calling Barcelona my home,  but as a nomad I know this is not my first stop, neither it will be my last.

Starting my life in Asia, in the land of the nomads and than going even more East, to later find myself cozy far more West.

This blog is called trend nomad, as this is who I am and what I like. A nomad who is in a constant search of the new, of the unknown and of the better (and ocasionally of the best). A nomad trying to understand the cultural shifts.

Yours T.N