Emporio Armani Sounds

Emporio Armani Sounds App

All the lovers of fashion show soundtrack behold! There is no more need in Shazaming during the catwalks.

Today, Emporio Armani has launched it’s latest venture where Fashion and Music finally come together.

Emporio Armani Sounds app gives you access to the exclusive playlists and performances from your favorite artists, such as Calvin Harris and The Klaxons. You can also listen to the songs playing in your local Emporio Armani store and the part I am excited about the most – soundtracks from the fashion shows – all with music by Spotify.

Emporio Armani Sounds is promised to be updated weekly with exciting content, connecting you to the very best new music and fashion from across the globe – and all at your fingertips.

The app is available for iOS and Android!





Virtual Reality Music Videos trend: Fort Minor – Welcome

Today Mike Shinoda aka ‘Fort Minor’ released his new music video “Welcome” in 360-degrees after the 9 year break. (Has it really been that long? I am getting old )
This is a second major music video of the year, after Bjork’s Stonemilker released earlier this month, done with virtual reality in mind.

Virtual Reality technology has become a more accessible experience thanks to the likes of Oculus Rift and Google Cardboard.

The director of  “Welcome” Jeff Nicholas said “When you lock eyes with someone in VR it’s a different experience than when someone looks at the camera in a flat frame. Being able to explore how we can create empathy and a sense of community within this space, especially in relation to this song, was really inspiring.”

“Welcome” is a song about outcasts and not fitting in.


Like “Stonemilker”, “Welcome” makes you really feel welcome on the video shoot, giving you the posibility to discover things that could have been hidden to the eye, or even be the closest to interacting with your favourite artists during their creative process.

Surely we will see more of VR use in creative fields this year. As the spectators became more interested in participation, VR is here to help make any form of art a truly personal experience.