Lexus’ Hoverboard is here

“There is no such thing as impossible, it’s just a matter of figuring out how,” – Haruhiko Tanahashi – Lexus Chief Engineer.

In the video we can see a professional skateboarder Ross McGouran re-mastering his abilities in order to conquer the hoverboard.

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According to Lexus, the hoverboard testing was recently completed at a specially-built “hoverpark” in Cubelles, Barcelona, Spain. The innovative, 11,5 kg, board is not available for purchase as it is only created for demonstration purposes.

Those who remember the hoverboard prank done by Tony Hawk in 2014, may ask themselves a question – does the Lexus hoverboard actually hover?

The answer is: It Does. Even above a small layer of water. I am sure Ross has felt like Jesus. At least for a second.



As explained by the Lexus team the hoverboard is using a magnetic levitation principle that is achieved by the use of liquid nitrogen that cools the superconductors to -197°C generating a magnetic field between the superconductors and permanent magnets mounted in the surface the board rides on. The innovation behind the technology is pretty impressive, although the given board can only “work” on the given surface.

Lexus team might have felt the pressure delivering the product now as the October 21st, 2015 is the official Back to the Future day, and according to the movie, we should be using electronics that talk and pretty much everything that flies, and the hoverboard has always been the most desired object of the movie fans.

Even tho it doesn’t seem like we will be seeing hoverboards on the streets anytime soon, Lexus “Amazing in Motion” publicity campaign has managed to attract a lot of attention from a very wide range of consumers. Let’s be honest we’d all enter a Lexus dealership office if they had offered a #hoverboardtestdrive.




Cotton House Barcelona

Cotton House entrance


Barcelona is full of wonders, those who have visited it at least once know they will come back.

Those who live there, never stop being surprised by the new and inspiring places, that seemingly appear out of nowhere.

One of those places is the new Hotel Cotton House. The building of the Cotton House Hotel is a former headquarters of the Cotton Textile Foundation “Fundación Textil Algodonera”, an emblematic 19th-century landmark in the neoclassical style designed by a Catalan architect Elies Rogent.

Built when the textile industry was at its height, it was sold in the middle of the 20th Century to the Cotton Producers Guild which established its headquarters there, the idea was to create a genuine Cotton House Hotel.

The 83-room magnificent property was revitalised by interior design studio Lázaro Rosa-Violán, who have contrasted its rich, in decorative details, style with contemporary furnishings and lighting.

The hotel also offers its guests a variety of luxurious services:

  • “Batuar” Bar & Restaurant – a place that offers a non-stop service on the whole appetizing menus from 7 a.m until midnight (something quite unusual and useful for Barcelona). Their Spanish Brunch menu for 2 deserves some special attention too.
  • The Terrace – a 300 m2 impressive terrace with lush vegetation and impressive view, accessible from the Batuar Bar & Restaurant. (I personally think that it’s the terraces that make a truly wonderful and relaxing Barcelona experience)
  • Outdoor Pool – the roof of the building is offering a magnificent outdoor pool with views, an irreplacable facility for any hotel in sunny Barcelona.
  • Gym & Spa – the hotel offers its guests a possibility to continue with their regular exercise routine in a well equiped gym. And for those who wish to enjoy a complete luxury spa experience the hotel is collaborating with the Mayan Spa (awarded “Best Luxury Spa in Europe” in 2014 by the World Luxury Spa Awards Academy), that has the adjoining entrance to the Cotton House Hotel.

    The treatments start with a mear €45 for a facial treatment elevating up to €125 for an 80 minute full body massage.

  • The library – a space where the guests can enjoy a traditional English afternoon tea, or use for work meetings, celebrations or events.
  • Gossypium (not digging this name too much to be honest) – “Gossypium” (or “cotton flower” in Latin) is a special concierge service that offers each guest the information of personal interest, whether it is cultural, artistic, about cuisine or practical. Through their “gossyps” (pun intended) they hope to give their guest’s an intense, enriching and authentic experience of Barcelona.
  • L’Atelier – an artisanal tailor service provided by the professionals of Santa Eulalia, the most prestigious tailor establishment in Barcelona. (Fancy..)

Cotton House Hotel in Barcelona is the latest addition to Marriott’s Autograph Collection.

See the photos of a beautiful Cotton House Hotel bellow, and give it a visit for a truly unique experience.


The Suite

The Suite

The Suite



Batur Bar & Restaurant



Batur Bar & Restaurant

Batur Bar & Restaurant


The Terrace


Outdoor Pool


The Library


The Library