Fashion Meets Art Trend: Hermès Éditeur by Julio Le Parc

I love fashion and I LOVE art, so it feels like Christmas (even in mid-June) each time these two of my favourite things go together.

Few days ago the french luxury goods house Hermès has revealed its new, Fashion meets Art collaboration, Hermès Éditeur by Julio Le Parc.

Hermès Éditeur is a project started as a homage of Hermès creative director Pierre-Alexis Dumas, to his grandfather Robert Dumas, who started the brand’s scarf business in 1937.

Robert Dumas who was fascinated by innovative textile printing techniques, soon became passionate about creating designs and constantly searching for new arrangements and endless combinations of colours.

Today his grandson is creating fascinating collaboration with different artists who mainly work with color and its combinations.

4th edition of Hermès Éditeur presents us the work of the Argentina-born, France-based artist Julio Le Parc, who is a prominent figure in optic art, that has conducted extensive academic and artistic research of color since the 1960s.

“La Longue Marche” or The Path of Colour series present us with 60 varied designs across the brand’s timeless silk scarf.


Julio Le Parc for Hermes Julio Le Parc for Hermes2 Julio Le Parc for Hermes5 Julio Le Parc for Hermes4

The limited edition Julio Le Parc for Hermès Éditeur scarf collection costs approximately€7000 per piece, but if this seems like something out of your range (it definetely is out of mine) you can purchase the compilation book for €35, which seems much more possible for mortals like you and me.

Julio Le Parc for Hermes book


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