Star Designer Collaborations

2PS  A new day and a new star designer collaboration kicks in. Designers collaborate with fast fashion retail brands (h&m everyone! *I have started saving money for Balmain for h&m from the second I heard the news), cosmetics and of course perfumes. I am sure you are already used to hearing about the M.A.C‘s collaborations with pretty much anyone and their latest star collaboration was with the 13-year old American brand Proenza Schouler, a creative duo of Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez, launching Proenza Schouler x M.A.C. I guess the process and the outcome were so exciting that few days ago PS anounced their new beauty collaboration, this time with the beauty giant L’Oreal.

“We are incredibly excited to embark on this new adventure with L’Oréal,” the designers said. “Working on a fragrance has always been a dream of ours, and we could not have imagined that one day we would be given the chance to do so with the world leaders in the field. We look forward to translating our visual aesthetic into the subtle and highly emotional world of scent,”

As the style of Proenza Schoulers collection can be called a creative and emotional collision, I was curious to know how they work and maybe what to expect from their new fragrance. When asked on how their creative process functions Hernandez replied:

 “Last season, Jack and I went to the Seychelles, and it was even before that that Jack was feeling kind of Hawaiian prints and surfy and kind of colorful. And then I was sort of feeling kind of like this proper, neoconservative Jackie O.–y kind of stuff. I knew that that was dorky, but that was why I liked it. But then Jack was still into this whole sort of surfy thing. So we sort of, like, brought those two worlds together. And then we were in Africa, in the Seychelles, and that was kind of an inspiration. But it was those two worlds coming together. If either of us had gone independently in our own direction without having the other side . . .”

Sound like fun! Can’t wait to see or rather smell their creative collision with L’Oreal!

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